Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #31: 1983 SE Quadangle BMX bike

Never been a big fan of SE racing cause I was a TORKER guy but I can't say the SE stuff looked good, baby blue/tan/brown are not my favourite colors either but they are a perfect match, don't know if Scott Breithaupt was on illegal substance when he choose them hahaha. This 1983 SE Quadangle was laying in a chicken barn for years but after some new paint and parts it looks like a new 83 Quad.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EL DIABLO RUN 2011 DAY 4: Road to Ensenada

We left Ruben's Camp in the morning and had breakfast at the first gasstop. Although I had breakfast with famous guys before, this one topped it all: Gun's and Roses guitar player Gilby Clark was sitting next to me! (guy with the white t-shirt checking out my cool Sportster 883...). What a good start of the day, we found McGoo on the floor of the gasstation, he must be testing his Biltwell goggles for dust & gas. They passed the test and will be for sale in a few months. We saw some dust on the left side and decided to stop and found out it was the BAJA 1000 coming 2 foot from the road we were riding on, but nicely guarded by a snow fence (were in the hell do they buy snow fences in Mexico) and checked it out. I'm hooked! Can't ride a BAJA in Holland but I'm already looking for 4x4 trucks. We had an easy ride to Ensenada cause I thought it was another 100 miles but they have kilometers in Mexico so that saved some time. The big Mexican flag in Ensenada is really big: 30 meters by 75 meters! believe it or not!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #30: Odyssey Battery and Ignition covers

Odyssey is a BMX brand I do not really like but they make some good stuff, hope this Odyssey Battery is holding up fine on the XL1100. Not related with the BMX brand but the sticker/logo is almost identical. Also switched the ignition covers, the XL1000 can open some beers now with the BILTWELL alcohol powered iginition cover and the Flat tracker is superfast now with the Benchmark ribbed cover. BCM changed to BMC lately. Also did some scotchbrite cleaning on this side and it turned out real nice, no need for new covers for a while. Next up is a Mikuni 420 carburator on this Flat tracker and hope to have new prototype Biltwell footpegs soon.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bottrop Kustom Kulture Show 2011

This was my first and not last visit at the Bottrop Kustom Kulture show. We had a tight schedule and met up with Andy Zeiss at the parking lot before the show opened at 3 p.m. and cars & bikes were arriving from all over Europe. The Flakekings had a nice "watertight" setup and it was nice to meet Dan Collins and Kutty Noteboom again after my trip last May. Hope to stay longer next year, we might have a booth in 2012.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best day of 2011: Motocross still rules!

Last monday was the best day of 2011: MX still rules! I was really thinking about selling my MX bike and call it quits, being 43 doesn't make it easier to find time to go ride and to recover after riding. But the guys at TMV had their "customer trackday" and for the 3rd time it was awesome. Started at 10:15 a.m and stopped at 3 p.m just for the BBQ so it was a nice session. Okay, another year is added to my "MX career"....
Don't call me for MX Freestyle shows, or you really want to see my famous No Footers hahaha.
All pictures by Bart de Jong from EBC/

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


15 Years ago I bought this 1972 Econoline E100 VAN and travelled all over Europe and now it's time to let it go. Too much toys and no time so you can own this awesome VAN and start having fun. Lots of pictures to email and show you the in-s and out-s. These pictures are taken this morning so no "archive pictures", here some info:

- FORD ECONOLINE E100 1972 Camper (Oldtimer so no tax in Holland)
- LPG 116ltr Prins installation (doesn't run on regular gas cause there is a hole in the gastank)
- V8 302 Engine (new valves (LPG) / Head done at 100.000 miles) now 120.000 miles
- Automatic transmission totally rebuilt at 90.000 miles
- APK Oktober 2012 (every two years in Holland)
- New front shocks, Brake master cylinder, stereo
- Inside: 2 new Sport seats with new belts, alu diamond plate floor etc.

More info for tire kickers, time wasters:
No this is NOT a new VAN, its from 1972 so no power steering, power brakes, this is for real men! No the paintjob is NOT 100%, little spots of chipped paint, some rust on the lower doors/hood/roof, yes it was perfect 10 years ago but now you have to do some work. No its not Euro 1000,-, thats the price of a shitty Ford Escort: the car that you are looking for and suits you.

Price Euro 8950,00

XLH 900 Tank

I have a love/hate relation with my "coffin" tank on the 1967 Ironhead. I'm not really into this style of tanks but I hated sportster tanks in the past and that turned around to the "I like" side. Royal Jack painted this tank and he is my favourite painter (also did my 86 Flattracker), he painted it for former owner Nito of the Schapenkoppen and since I'm not a Sheephead I decided to wipe the logo of with some Terpentine and it worked! No harm to the paintjob and Royal Jack's signature is still on: Awesome! Now its finally turning into my own bike, still waiting for the seat but Duane Ballard seems to be busy these days.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

EL DIABLO RUN 2011 DAY 4: BMX outlaw bikes

BMX outlaws were in town too, Duo Glide is owned by Chris Huber (not the German one) aka Tony Obama, Triumph Truxton is Transworld's Keith Mulligan's bike, S&M Chris Moellers, S&M Timmy/Jason Ball's and last but not least Baxters BMX outlaw bike. BMX ruled on one side of Ruben's Camp!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hoodlum Society T-Shirts!

We are a bunch of High Rollers so here our first T-shirt designed by Mike deWit. Of course only in black in S, M, L or XL price is Euro 19,95. Limited Edition but if they are running well they will be Unlimited hahaha.
Photo by Bart de Jong /