Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holiday at Hoodlum society

The HS Dodge Magnum needed some serious frontend repairs. All Magnums have the same problems with sway bar struts specially with the heavy Hemi engines so we ordered the best sway bar struts in the industry: POWERGRID. No time to place them before holidays so my mechanic Hertogs' did the job for me and also place a new righthandside swingarm. No more noices from the frontend, only the noice of the 360HP engine/exhaust hahaha. Been busy with the BMX Museum at the BMX Worlds in Rotterdam last weekend, thanks for visiting us. The Caravan did a great job, slept well, transported all 10 Old School BMX bikes without a scratch, no problem with the towing so its a keeper, out with the Camper, in with the Caravan! Some of you know what our new Hoodlum Society project is, some don't. I don't tell you yet, its time for Holdiays now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Black is the new Chrome

Lots of Black stuff at Hoodlum Society today: The BILTWELL mini mufflers are installed on the original headers which I painted black with Gamma Heat resistant paint. Just picked up the black painted stuff from Rini Verbakel Autoschade and it looks awesome, very deep black. And last but not least VANS hooked me up again with these Duracap Half Cabs, already my favourite shoes.