Friday, December 28, 2012

Fork stop removed

Old very ugly fork stop didn't work with the newer sportster forks so I cut the damn thing off and smoothed it out.

Workshop Wednesday #12

Here an update about the converter headset for the Ironhead, you can see the 7/8" cup on the left with a small opening and the new 1" converter cup on the right with bigger hole and is a lot taller. I also modified the original H-D sportster topnut to make it more "CHOPPERISH".

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #11

Cold as Hell, glad this headset from Lowbrow is HOT! It turns a 7/8" Ironhead into a modern 1" Sportster
fork setup. I can use the triple clamps of the '86 sportster now to fit in this '67 Ironhead frame. Why?: cause I wanted to get rid of the Honda CB500 clamps, yes I know my H-D fork is japanese too but I will grind that off so nobody knows. Timken bearings and higher cups makes it fit perfectly, now I can use my Biltwell H-Bar for the first time, it will be nice when finished. Also new glass for the headlight etc etc. Winter is long...

Ceramic Coating

Picked up the Ironhead headers at Speedline Coatings Best. Not to stoked on the result but all my own stupid fault. The Ceramic coating is real thin so you can see everything that I didn't smooth out too well. Most will be covered when mounted on the bike and it will last forever but next time I have to be more carefull how I grind down the welds etc, another lesson learnt.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chopcult's Christmas greetings:

Workshop Wednesday #10

Battery box of the piece of shit '67 Ironhead was hanging on 1 tiny M6 bolt, I didn't lose the battery but I was very close. The last thing I didn't touch on the bike, what a mess. So now its time to work on the electrics, starterbutton, ignition switch and battery box all at once. Have some ideas but no real plan right now. Also working on the oiltank/lines so enough to do for some weeks.

Holiday Season!

It's Sinterklaas/Santaklaus time and I was lucky that they didn't see all my sins this year. Harley-Davidson AMF book for the SX125, Hells Angels book for the long nights and Low Brow shipped some nice stuff for upcoming workshop Wednesdays. Thanks, it makes the Winter way shorter...

Friday, December 7, 2012

HUTCH Pro Racer 1984 build by Hoodlum Society.

We also build some Old School BMX bikes, here a 1984 Hutch Pro Racer for customer #0000004.
Almost everything NOS: Oakley2 Grips, DC MX1000 Brake, DC TechIV Lever, Tioga Comp4 Tires,Izumi chain,  Hutch Hubs/Seatclamp/Numberplate,Pedals, Repro Hutch Kashimax Seat/Padset/Stickerset and a very nice Hutch Pro Racer Frame/Fork/Handlebar set in new coated white. Redline Flight cranks/BB/Sprocket to make you more envy. Don't know excactly but it will be worth more than € 3000,00.....Owner is happy and so are we, very nice bike, have fun in the snow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #9

Bought the SX125 without a battery and batterystrap. Conrad shipped the VARTA battery real fast but being white wasn't fitting the bike so I made a sticker on the plotter to make it black. You can still see the level of the acid. The strap is from a Motocross Enduro numberplate and to keep it fully carged I added a 12V plug. It can also be used for charging my phone/navigation or even a fridge.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chrome won't get you home.

Schooiers Chrome, Mexican Chrome, Rattlecan Chrome, you can name it what you want but this rusty left side brakepedal is looking better than before. A new chrome one only cost about 25 Euro's, to chrome this pedal costs about 125 Euro's and this job only costs me Euro 2,50 and 5 minutes of time and is bringing me home cause real Chrome won't bring you home!

Saturday, December 1, 2012