Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Workshop Wednesday #19

                      New position of the battery on the '67, lower for better handling....
               Easy to use new metal, we do it the hard way and use old stuff but it takes longer.
          Didn't weld for a while but welds are not in sight, as long as they hold its fine with me.
                        Welded on both sides just to be sure its not going to crack.

Worked on the Battery box today, no plan, just go with the flow. Placed the battery a bit lower for more clearance with the fender and lower gravity. The whole shitty electricity is going to be hidden this time for a way cleaner look.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Monster REHAB came in handy recovering from 4 days of Carnaval Drunkiness, I'm sober now!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

XL1100 UPDATE...

FUCK MURPHY's LAW! I broke a bolt in the front cylinder head weeks ago so I wanted to drill that out real quick: WRONG! After hours of drilling it was time to bring it to a "real" mechanic. He took off the front cylinder head and that's were Murphy came in: even he worked a long time to get rid of the old broken bolt but got that fixed, nice so far, or not: Cylinder heads were smoothed out in the past to make it faster (and fast it was) but the Valve followers were worn out and one even broken, Pistons/cylinders had its best times and last but no least the cams were worn out....

So here goes my money: a) Bolt repair b) New Valve followers c) Pearlblasting heads d) New Cylinders e) New Pistons, f) New Andrews 2 cams, g) New Valves and of course the usual new oil and gaskets and labour. No new projects for me for a while......

Workshop Wednesday #18

                      Old Situation, short frame and deep seat
                     New Situation, Long frame made of old fLybikes BMX rearend
                     Motocross Technosel seat cover will be installed soon
           Old Situation, its a Trial bike so very deep seat, will be filled with foam.
                    Bought an NOS old school MX buddy seat and started cutting for the right shape.

I know it sounds stupid to buy a motocross/trial bike for your 3 year old son but we already had a lot of fun with this 16 inch OSET 36V electric bike but with Boyd being 6 now it is time to make it a bit bigger so he and daddy can ride for another 3 years. I also saw an upgrade for the chain/sprockets so I will try to make that happen soon. Baseplate being made next week and ready is Kees.UPDATE: PICTURE 1 WITH READY SEAT!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Workshop Wednesday #17

Headlight bracket for that awesome Electroline 82 light. Still waiting for a 4 1/2 yellow Wagner glass but made the bracket already from just a piece of flat steel. Grinder, drill and an hour later I have exacly what I had in mind for the last months. Hope my parts are coming soon: Oil lines, Oil filter, Headlight etc etc.