Friday, November 30, 2012

No more Honda parts on the '67 Ironhead.

To install a new Biltwell H-bar I must get rid of these Japanese Honda CB triple clamps. It took me a full week to make these work on this bike, lots of grinding/polishing and new bearings/cups made it possible but now I'm gonna use 1986 sporster clamps that goes with this '86 fork. Ordered a converter kit from LOWBROW from 7/8' to 1' and started to polish the upper clamp yesterday. Still lots of work but the winter is long.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #8

Exhaust from the '67 Ironhead made of a Biltwell Exhaust Pipe Kit was tested during the summer so now its time to grind the ugly welds and smooth it out as good as I can, not really smooth but so you can see I made them by myself. Speedline Coatings is going to work on them this week to put a ceramic coating on them so they don't turn blue anymore and keep the rust away. I have seen some good results from these guys so I hope they can put some magic on my pipes too.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

For sale at Hoodlum Society

 Brass Kicker pedal, almost new cause you don't start an Ironhead with the kickstarter if you have an electric starter as well. SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD in couple of hours!
Rubber Kicker pedal, brand new cause you don't start the other Ironhead with the kickstarter if you have an
electric starter as well. Euro 15,00 and its yours.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #7

Brakepedal for the 1972 Ironhead took a while, shifter was done almost 2 years ago but with planning this one took a lot longer. Again a BMX Webco crank and axle was used, axle welded on the brake pivot. Welding skills came back today, not top notch but good enough to make the bike stop....I hope. Pedal axle with a piece of Universal MX bars and Proper BMX barends to make it even more BMX. Testride tomorrow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 BIGTWIN Show Rosmalen NL

Never been to the BIGTWIN show but I decided not to ride any more Motocross races this year so we went to see some bikes at the Autotron Rosmalen. Now I know why I never went to the show, not to offend some builders but it was not worth going. Definitely not my kind of bikes except for these ones and a couple more so I stay home next year. Our son liked it though and took a lot of pictures so that made me happy after all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #6

Finished Skyway Tuffpedal kicker.

Skyway Tuffpedal kicker for the '67 Ironhead. I don't like the reproduction "copper" kickerpedals so I'm going to make a new one from an old Skyway BMX Tuff pedal. Probably worth more than the repro but I only had one, have two new gold Skyway cages, might use one of them or make the red cage polished silver.
                    Old original H-D peg cut of to use the end going into the kicker arm.
               Old SKYWAY BMX Tuffpedal, axle tread cut of to weld on H-D peg.
            This is the result of an hour work, cage will be silver polished soon.
Hope it won't break, welds were terrible, but I can always use the electric starter hahaha.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #5

New headlight for the Flattracker, the old one broke of and wasn't legal, this has a E3 stamp and so "almost legal". Made a lightweight bracket, no lightswitch yet but I will testride first before going to those steps.