Friday, March 25, 2016

Modifications for the Dirt Tracker

Harley-Davidson Sportsters are not really made for Dirttracks/Hillclimbs/Speedway races but they have the name "Sport" in them so why not give it a try. My bike is far from an original XLH1100 1986 H-D Sportster with a KTMSX125 Motocross front end, Dunlop K180 Flattrack tires, XR Seat, Flattrack polyester tank etc etc but I didn't think of some problems: 1: The Biltwell Mushman pegs were going up and down so sometimes I missed a peg to stand on. Solution 1: Attached a spring to the peg so I have the same set up as on a MX bike. 2: The original key is sticking out on the side and I broke it in Italy (and my mate Elroy at the choppperspeedway) Solution 2: I made a key that is flat on the side and it is easier to carry in your pocket. The bike is clean again, made it road "legal" again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cleaning cleaning cleaning...

Riding in the dirt with a Harley-Davidson is not the best idea but it was a lot of fun. It takes a while to clean the whole bike but it was worth it. Thanks Twin Air for keeping the dirt out of the engine, BaMo Tech for the new clutch plates and tuning, Biltwell for all the parts and Merchandise and Vans for always backing me up with fresh shoes. Now its time for the Dunlop K180's again and take it to the road and now and then the bike will be ridden in the dirt again, too much fun!


The Chopperspeedway at the Liberator show was a big succes! 100% fun for both the riders and the audience. Got 2nd place in the end although it wasn't for the results, luckily I didn't win cause that would cost me a bet of Euro 100,00 and I had to take my selfmade ugly first price home hahaha.
Pictures by Bart de Jong.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Paul Clutch" is my name...

BaMo Tech is working hard to get my bike ready for this weekend: ChopperSpeedway Aarle-Rixtel. Finally got rid of the ugly black paint on the primary cover so it looks even more like a racer now. Hope the new Kevlar plates hold better than the 30 year old standard H-D's....

Burn Baby Burn! Ridnaun Harley&Snow

The RENNSPORT TEAM had a good time in Ridnaun Italy. The only one that sucked was me, I burnt the clutch on the practice hill so it was game over in 50 meters. No spare clutch so it was time to drink some more beers....All the others rode to the top of the hill: Menneke 3 times and Job, Eloy and Kees all did it the first run. Kees even got a spectacular Third place in the Harley-Class in my name, so if you see Paul de Jong in the results, it wasn't me but my mechanic Kees van Bakel, all props to him!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Harley&Snow Ridnaun Italy March 12-13 2016 here we come!

The '86 Flat Tracker is ready and packed for HARLEY&SNOW this weekend in Ridnaun Italy. Everything is done to make it a winner....lets see if I was right with all the upgrades. New Mitas snow fronttire is installed, new Twin Air airfilter, filled up the tank so I don't need to push it uphill hahaha.

Workshop Wednesday 2016 #10 The Last 2015/2016WW

Backproblems cause a lot of pain last year and riding motorcycles was not the best to do, specially the hardtail but I also had trouble on the Buell X1. So I made a back rest out of a 1986 sissy bar from the "Flat tracker" when it was original. Two book rack stands made it fit perfect underneath the bag holder so I have some extra support in the back. I told you before the Buell is going to be a Bagger....Its still for sale but as long as the money is not in my pocket I keep on cruising the beast.