Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EL DIABLO RUN 2011 DAY 4: Road to Ensenada

We left Ruben's Camp in the morning and had breakfast at the first gasstop. Although I had breakfast with famous guys before, this one topped it all: Gun's and Roses guitar player Gilby Clark was sitting next to me! (guy with the white t-shirt checking out my cool Sportster 883...). What a good start of the day, we found McGoo on the floor of the gasstation, he must be testing his Biltwell goggles for dust & gas. They passed the test and will be for sale in a few months. We saw some dust on the left side and decided to stop and found out it was the BAJA 1000 coming 2 foot from the road we were riding on, but nicely guarded by a snow fence (were in the hell do they buy snow fences in Mexico) and checked it out. I'm hooked! Can't ride a BAJA in Holland but I'm already looking for 4x4 trucks. We had an easy ride to Ensenada cause I thought it was another 100 miles but they have kilometers in Mexico so that saved some time. The big Mexican flag in Ensenada is really big: 30 meters by 75 meters! believe it or not!

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