Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #29: S&S Works Replica BMX bike

 S&S Works Replica Testbike in BMX PLUS! 1980, yes S&S = Strip & Street the header company from Costa Mesa. They made Frames, Forks and Bars in the early 80's and sponsored Pete Loncarevich.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

El DIABLO RUN 2011: Day 3 Ruben's Camp San Felipe Mexico!

 Fishing is not my favourite "sport" but its great to sober up from a rough night, not for everyone on the boat...
We caught some fish, first one was for me and had the only "double" catch of the day.

 Circle of Death. Jake is leading Billdozer on his stock 2011 brand new Blackline bike, that's what we call testing a Harley-Davidson! Jake is a former FMX'er and won the trophy two years in a row.
 Outlaws in Mexico = Trouble. Only a couple of bikers got into trouble with the local police, no big deal.
Good night.....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

El DIABLO RUN 2011: Day 2 Ruben's Camp San Felipe Mexico!

 Not a bad spot to park your bike and have a Tecate (Mexican Bavaria)...This place rules!
 BMX Zone at Ruben's Bar, there is some BMX history in this picture, and alcoholics of course hahaha.
 Still trying to get drunk at Ruben's Camp, some Peligrosso tequilla's did the job, lets go to the bar...
 Outlaws all over the place, tequilla did a great job and I made enough enemies that night.
Best place to wake up! Hammock at the beach of San Felipe Mexico, that was $25 well spent...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

EL DIABLO RUN 2011 Day 2: Still USA bound, troubles troubles troubles...

 My ride for the El Diablo Run 2011: 2007 Sportster, customised with stickers and prototype Biltwell Mustache bars and Kung Fu Grips. Had to bumpstart the bike after 5 minutes on the road, not a perfect start but no minor troubles, except for a flat fronttire/loose tank/loose mirror and stoplight stayed on all the time.
 Wes had big problems before we even reached the border, he blew up his Thriumph and was designated to the chase truck for the rest of the EDR.
 This all original 1966 Ironhead XLCH was my favourite bike in the EDR, made it to Ensenada but didn't make it home. Magneto problems was keeping this bike of the road back home. Awesome bike!
Last stop before the border of Mexico. One of the baggers felt down on some dude's foot and it was the end of the EDR for him, broken foot and a nice ride with the ambulance... No the EDR is not for pussies!

Workshop Wednesday #27: Biltwell Throttle / Grips / EDR Sticker

New Biltwell Alumium Throttle installed today, works bitchin' and looks even better. BMX brakecable set up with some V-brake rubber to keep dirt and rain out...Also put a EDR 2011 sticker on my tank, didn't ride that bike but I'm proud I made it to Mexico and back with 150 Outlaws being the only real Dutch fool.

Friday, May 13, 2011

EL DIABLO RUN 2011 Day 1: Grandopening BILTWELL headquaters

 Yes Biltwell has a lot of stock, thousands of helmets/bars/grips/t-shirts etc, this place is huge!
Lou Capparelli (aka Sweet Lou) was my partner in crime during this whole trip, this guy rules!
 Lots of "internet outlaws" showed up on bikes, free beer and tacos for everyone!
 The guys behind Biltwell: Mr Left = McGoo and Mr Right = Billdozer.
The second bike on this picture was my "chopper" for the EDR, a 2007 HD Sporter 883 and did a good job.