Friday, June 27, 2014

1967 Smokemachine issue 2

Issue2: Have both cylinders off, doesn't look to bad but pistons have some scratches in the front and rear so they were not balanced, I guess its the play on the pistonrods that made them going up and down in a slightly tillted way. Valves are deep in the head so that needs to be repaired too. The whole engine is going apart and will be build up by BA MO TECH later this year. First trying to figure out what we need for parts and what we still can use and what needs to be replaced. Luckily its not the only Hoodlum Society motorcycle so we can still ride if we want.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

1967 Smokemachine

The 1967 is a SMOKEMACHINE (I need MORE SMOKE is not what I want this time). I guess its the exhaust valve that's not closing down enough so I will give BAMOTECH Aarle-Rixtel a closer look this week. The top of the piston is blacked out and so far I can see no damage on the cylinder. Hope Kees at BAMOTECH has good news and only has to grind the valves a bit to give it a tight fit.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Various Hoodlum Society Stuff

Random stuff 2014: Ironhead 1972 will be black soon, prepared all the tins and its ready for a nice shiny gloss black paintjob by my carpainter: Riny Verbakel. Kustom Kulture 2014 was a blast, thanks to this guy Alvin and his gang, thanks amigo! Selfie with Cole Foster & General Wheels in the background. I rode twice this weekend! Yes twice, took the Street Tracker to the Grand Prix Motocross Track Lierop for some pictures, this bike is a beast.