Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dodge Ram Front brakes

Had some problems with overheated brakes in Austria last summer so I had to figure out why: 1 left brakepiston got stucked in the caliper so it was hitting the brakepad and pushing it to the disc all the time. Ordered some new kevlar coated pistons and new disc and Hawk brakepads to be sure everything is fresh again. Pistons in and out took a while, righthand side took half an hour. Some bleeding going on tonight so the brakefluid DOT 3 is fresh and we can drive safe for another 6 years.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The sun is out again!

After a few weeks of rain it was time to take the '72 Ironhead out for the first time after the paintjob and new Biltwell Mini Mufflers, Handlebars and more small stuff. Riding position on this bike has changed from super SHIT to super GOOD with these Universal Motocross Mini RC bars. Rear brake need some work or just brake a lot with the new installed brakepads to get them working again, now I didn't have a rear brake at all....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

'72 Ironhead is BLACK!

Shitty pictures but I couldn't wait to show you the new '72 set up: BLACK!
New Biltwell Mini-Mufflers thanks to and new paint by Rini Verbakel Helmond. New Universal MX Mini RC Motocross handlebars in Black as well. Waiting now on the Arlen Ness fairing and rubber shock socks in black of course. Like it or not, I don't give a damn.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New addition to the Hoodlum Society garage.

Yes we have a PORSCHE 911 3.0SC and we are stoked as hell! It took 35 years so save money from BMX and now it was time, started BMX in December 1979 and this one is also from December 1979. No work needed so far but we will upgrade in the future, now its time to drive the shit out of it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holiday at Hoodlum society

The HS Dodge Magnum needed some serious frontend repairs. All Magnums have the same problems with sway bar struts specially with the heavy Hemi engines so we ordered the best sway bar struts in the industry: POWERGRID. No time to place them before holidays so my mechanic Hertogs' did the job for me and also place a new righthandside swingarm. No more noices from the frontend, only the noice of the 360HP engine/exhaust hahaha. Been busy with the BMX Museum at the BMX Worlds in Rotterdam last weekend, thanks for visiting us. The Caravan did a great job, slept well, transported all 10 Old School BMX bikes without a scratch, no problem with the towing so its a keeper, out with the Camper, in with the Caravan! Some of you know what our new Hoodlum Society project is, some don't. I don't tell you yet, its time for Holdiays now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Black is the new Chrome

Lots of Black stuff at Hoodlum Society today: The BILTWELL mini mufflers are installed on the original headers which I painted black with Gamma Heat resistant paint. Just picked up the black painted stuff from Rini Verbakel Autoschade and it looks awesome, very deep black. And last but not least VANS hooked me up again with these Duracap Half Cabs, already my favourite shoes.

Friday, June 27, 2014

1967 Smokemachine issue 2

Issue2: Have both cylinders off, doesn't look to bad but pistons have some scratches in the front and rear so they were not balanced, I guess its the play on the pistonrods that made them going up and down in a slightly tillted way. Valves are deep in the head so that needs to be repaired too. The whole engine is going apart and will be build up by BA MO TECH later this year. First trying to figure out what we need for parts and what we still can use and what needs to be replaced. Luckily its not the only Hoodlum Society motorcycle so we can still ride if we want.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

1967 Smokemachine

The 1967 is a SMOKEMACHINE (I need MORE SMOKE is not what I want this time). I guess its the exhaust valve that's not closing down enough so I will give BAMOTECH Aarle-Rixtel a closer look this week. The top of the piston is blacked out and so far I can see no damage on the cylinder. Hope Kees at BAMOTECH has good news and only has to grind the valves a bit to give it a tight fit.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Various Hoodlum Society Stuff

Random stuff 2014: Ironhead 1972 will be black soon, prepared all the tins and its ready for a nice shiny gloss black paintjob by my carpainter: Riny Verbakel. Kustom Kulture 2014 was a blast, thanks to this guy Alvin and his gang, thanks amigo! Selfie with Cole Foster & General Wheels in the background. I rode twice this weekend! Yes twice, took the Street Tracker to the Grand Prix Motocross Track Lierop for some pictures, this bike is a beast.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bedford Camper for sale! 1973 LPG


For sale: our 1973 Bedford CF350 4cyl 2.3ltr Camper. Needs a new engine, this one is running but headgasket is leaking. Engines for sale at Van Dijk Reeuwijk and Bedfordgarage Smilde.
Clean inside, no leaks, two beds, kitchen with working fridge (12v/220v/Propane/ 3x cooker on Propane. All lights are working (12v lights and separate 220v lights). New Omnistor 4.5m canopy with two new side walls, new rear Firestone heavy duty tires. LPG system, APK till June 22nd etc etc.

Take it or leave it for € 1500.00, Canopy/walls/tires/matrasses etc are worth more so we don't want to have tire kickers and "I have to ask my Mom or Wife" buyers, don't waste our and your time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SNAFU Kicker BMX Pedal

Kicker pedal was made from an old SNAFU BMX pedal and old Harley-Davidson foot peg but it didn't work that well so I made a new setup. Took the last part of the H-D foot peg and welded a piece of BMX crank on top so I can tread in every BMX pedal I want. SNAFU is my favourite BMX Pedal brand these days so I took a brand new Sealed Bearing SNAFU pedal. Hope it will never hit me in the shin cause those steel pins are not gentle. BMX Rules!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Webco BMX Brake pedal arm

Brake pedal from the 1972 Ironhead was a 180mm Webco BMX crank and was a bit to long so I cut 1 1/2 inch out of it, put a piece of a FIT frame in it to make it stronger and welded the two pieces together. Welds are shitty like always but with a grinder I made it as smooth as possible. Now the shifter and brake pedal are the same. Took me 2 years to do it but finally I found some time.