Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Extern Oil Filter by Low Brow

Fitted the Low Brow External Oil Filter on the bike. Since the Ironhead 1967 doesn't have one it is wise to add a oilfilter to be safe. It looks so nice with the ribbed primary cover. Next is mounting the oil tank and new braided oil lines and its time to go to the Kustom Kulture show in Germany.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oiltank for the '67 Ironhead

Time to make the Oil tank for the '67 Ironhead. General Wheels was in town for the BMX Mini FAT JAM so he could weld my mess together. I had to cut about one and a half inch out of the tank for clearance, cut the inner oil lines and made it smooth for General Lee to make some nice welds. Thanks for the welding, check Lee at www.general-wheels.blogspot.nl

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #26 THE LAST WW from this season!

Winter is almost over! It was not a bad Winter after all, no snow, no Ice, not a lot of rain so its time to close Workshop Wednesday and go out and ride! Still some stuff to do like fixing the oiltank for the '67 Ironhead and some more small things but all bikes are ready for the road. The Magnum is ready for the summer tires. I painted the rusty hubs with black hammerite paint so it doesn't look it looks way better, wanted to do that 2 winters ago but finally had some time to do it today. Thank you for checking our WW Edition 2013-2014.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #25

The new special order from TWIN AIR came in this week, a lifetime supply of filters and GP skins. Stamps specially for our bike so this time you can read the text from the side, or from the front, we will change that from time to time. Thanks TWIN AIR for making the best filter products in the World of Motorcycles and that only 8 miles from our workshop.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #24

I run out of gas a couple of times a year. Only need about 25 litre for the 500KM's a year but I always check the wrong way and always ride with the crane on reserve. I will never learn so I go for the extra Litre of gas in a spare can. Took a fire extinguisher holder and found some old school water bottles. The silver one was very rusty inside, the copper was very heavy so I took the Aluminium Gas Bottle that saved my ass in Mexico during the EDR2011 a couple of times, hope it will save me again.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #23

New breather for the BUELL X1, Thanks to Twin Air again. Slow riding makes the oil real hot on this Buell but normally I ride fast enough so I don't have that problem often. Oil check must be done with a real hot engine and level can go up a lot so checking with cold oil doesn't make any sense so you overfill real fast. This filter will breath enough and keeps the oil inside.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #22

Finished the saddle bag setup for the BUELL today. Made some brackets from some old piece of  the work bench and made it work on the bike. Had to drill two holes in the frame for each side and everything is detachable in a few minutes. Finally I have some space to put the oil and 1 liter of gas so I won't have the problem of last sunday on my way to the Flakekings Swapmeet: YES I RAN OUT OF GAS AGAIN! #102. Thanks to my wife I didn't have to walk home, love you and Happy Birthday today! Now its time to plan some trips and put some serious KM's on the Buell X1. Glad I didn't sell it after all.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #21

Last week should have been the last week for the BUELL X1 but the "Tirekicker" didn't show up and I'm sick of all the "I have to sell my bike first", "I have to ask my mother", I have to wait for my wages"etc type of guys so THE BUELL X1 WILL STAY! NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE! ONLY FOR EURO 10.125,00 CASH AND FOR DUTCH PEOPLE ONLY! NO EXCUSES, NO DISCOUNT!

Okay, hope that's clear.... Now I make it a "long distance" bike to do some trips in 2014. It will be hard to find time to do it but at least I will give it another try. I made a bracket for the saddle bags a while ago and now I had a genius idea to use the old pegholders to keep my saddlebags from moving. I think it will be the nicest way to keep the bags straight, 100% original Buell and I will make them removable for short trips.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #20

Today was a weird day, first ride of 2014 and maybe the last on the Buell X1. It seems that the bike will go to Germany soon. I thought that before with the SX125 but didn't happen so we will wait and see. The sun was out and the Buell is like new, rode 6000km in 10 years so I won't miss it very much.
The Oiltank project is taking longer than I thought, the paint is not coming off easy and the whole tank is covered with a thick layer of bondo so its even hard to get it off with the sandblaster. Paint will be stripped by the flame torch and later we sandblast it to bare metal before welding. The kick start spring will be polished today for a clean look. Good day but weird.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #19

Took the oiltank of the 1967 to remove the paint and although it was leaking a bit I found out that the ugly welds were from downsizing the tank. I bought an original Ironhead tank and that is way bigger. To keep the oil cleaner and a bit colder I will install the LowBrow external oilfilter later on. Now its time to cut the new oiltank and make it fit in the frame, I'm gonna add a cool feature but that stays a secret till its done. Remove the paint, cut 2 inch, weld it up, clearcoat, new oillines, new external oil filter, new oil is up next, enough for a couple of Workshop Wednesdays.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #18

Taillight of the '72 Ironhead was on the list for a long time and finally I found time to work on it. The Old Garage sticker was covering the clear licence plate lens so I took a newer style glass and made a licence plate light by drilling two holes, grinded it into a slot and took a piece of MX goggle glass to make a clear lens. The sissy bar was changed again cause this stupid motherfucker didn't think about clearance to take the lens of so I could never change a tail light on the road, now I can...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #17


Battery cover was chrome with some paint so I stripped the paint again and polished the chrome cover to make it smooth. Got some old TWIN AIR carbon look airbox stickers and since they make all my airfilters I gave them a bit extra love with the Twin Air logo on the battery box. Nice and clean.