Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #26: Preparation for the El Diablo Run 2011.

This picture has nothing to do with Workshop Wednesday but I couldn't find another one. I'm preparing for the El Diablo Run next week, packing my stuff: Hoodlum Society stickers and T-shirts and toothbrush is enough. The rest I will buy at the Biltwell Headquaters (helmet/gloves/hat/hoodies etc) and when I will arrive in Mexico I go for the cheap sleeping bag/hammock/taco's and tequilla.... No time for updates next week, have better things to do hahahaha.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Most expensive speedometer holder ever!

Bought some $100 Biltwell 7/8" bars, cut about 2 inches off the end, welded a bold in the pipe to hold the Biltwell seat and here it is: a $100 speedometer holder! It holds a $15 VDO wireless speedometer but its not even working cause the battery is disrupting the signal so I have to buy a new speedometer with wire like the one on the XLH1100. Wast of money but maybe some rich dudes like them too...Saleprice = $200

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hoodlum Society Stickers!

Yes we have stickers, No they are not free, I'm still looking for someone who is stupid enough to make em for free but so far no luck. Euro 1,00 each incl shipping in Europe, 5 stickers for Euro 3,00. If you see me drunk you might have some luck to get some for free, or pay with some beers.

Workshop Wednesday #25: Speedometers!

I know, I know: Speedometers are killing the style on every bike. But living in the Netherlands you have to check your speed with over 10.000 control points so it saves some money and it keeps your drivinglicense in your pocket. I'm also the "King out of Gas" and these bike speedometers have a "TRIP" option so I can check the miles/kilometers I rode with one tank. Not that I'm going to use that but now its even more stupid to run out of gas. I made one on the XLH1100 Flat Tracker with a cable that routes along the brakecable and it works great. The one on the XL1000 is a wireless one and it seems that all that moving steel/aluminum is blocking the sensor so I can't read it while riding but the trip/maximum speed/time is working fine. The best part is my magnet solution, I made a valvecap with a magnet and it works awesome. Maybe that's my invention that will bring in the millions, don't tell it to your friends, copyrights/patents in the works....

S&S Works Replica BMX Frame from the 80's

Bought this very very rare S&S frame on ebay from ABA's Shannon and made it ready for powdercoat today, the toptube/seatposttube joint was cracked and I fixed it with my TIG machine and it came out fine.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nice weather in Holland!

Another testride...Out of gas within 2 surprise, I'm the "Out of Gas King", fill up motherfokker!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Formula 1: Vettel is on a winning streak.

My Friend Vettel listened to my advices and won the first two races in Formula 1! Red Bull is for pussy's, Alcohol is for the Strong hahahaha.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #24: Numberplates and Stickers

Thanks to BL at Holland Reclame for the Hoodlum Society tank stickers, just in time. I like the way the numberplates came out on the 1100 Flat Tracker, simple but just fine. Now it's time to ride the bikes, no more building till Wintertime, just some adjustments and small repairments (or bigger...). Enough to do but no major changes soon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liberator show Today and Tomorrow!

Don't have a clue how to bring 3 bikes to this show, even if its only half a mile from my shop but I will be there today at 15:30h and the whole day tomorrow. I will bring some Hoodlum Society stickers for you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #23: Flat Tracker is ready for a testride!

The XLH1100 Flat Tracker was treated with some "finishing touches": Heat shield underneath the polyester tank, Fork Bleeders, Homemade tankmount from a door hinge, Gas cap vent, Valve caps, Fuel lines, ODI grips with Alu BMX Barends and rear #plates. Tomorrow I'm going for a testride, the LIBERATOR Show this Saturday is only half mile from my workshop but its still far to push the bike and very embarassing of course. I'm very happy I made it this far, thanks to Royal Jack for the excellent paintjob, Haan Wheels, TMV, JH MX and the Hoodlum Society.