Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #22: Flat tracker electrics done.

Electrics on Harley's are not that complicated but you can make a mistake in no time and looking for weeks to solve it so I took it easy and did it step for step and it seems it all works now except for the Kill switch but I have to figure out how that works tonight. I was looking for a nice way to hide the headlights and after watching hundreds of "Flattracker/dirttracker/streettracker" pictures I never saw a good sollution, better said: THEY ALL SUCKED! I hate lights in the numberplate so I came up with this Motocross Enduro lights under the numberplate, I can even adjust them and the high/low switch is hidden behind the ignition key. The Choke and ignition key got company from a green LED to show if ignition is on and the small starter button so I still have no cables on the handlebars like a real Flattracker should be, plain and simple. Royal Jack shipped the paintjob today so next week I'm ready for a testride. Nine days before deadline is not bad at all.

Happy Birthday Bro!

It took two years to restore this 1982 Kuwahara ET and today it came back to the ground. ET gave it back to my brother Bart as a birthday present. Yes he liked it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fuck deadlines #2

Royal Jack painted my polyester stuff for the XLH1100 on time, what do you think???

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workshop Wednesday 21: Fuck deadlines, '67 Ironhead is ready...'s never ready and I have 16 years and 8 months to go before my daughter is old enough to ride it but today it is time for the first test ride, wish me good luck hahaha.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

BILTWELL Shop is open!

Our BILTWELL Shop is ready! Over 30 different Helmets (also the new DOT Hustler), T-shirts, Truckerhats, Kung Fu Grips, Seats, Seatpans, Gloves etc etc. Check PB choppers-biltwell

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #20: Biltwell Bars, Grips, Seathinge and Seatpan

Today was a pretty good day for the XLH900: Rear fender is ready (sissybar under construction), Seathinge is installed with a temporary Biltwell seatpan. (Duane Ballard is doing the leatherwork right now). I have some Biltwell bars with Biltwell Kung Fu grips for now till I have a longer clutchcable to install the Frisco bars. Waiting for the frontaxle which is being reduced from 3/4" to 5/8" so it will fit the 21 inch Mini Brake wheel.
Next up is installing the Frontwheel and tank so I'm almost ready for the first testride....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

royal kustom works: Paul's tin's...........

royal kustom works: Paul's tin's...........: "...............eeeehhh,...........poly's, flaked! Sealer, metallic gold base, manderin candy and Ed Roth tropi cali flakes on top. The show ..."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #19: Mini Brake front wheel

Got the Mini Brake front wheel in the workshop today. Also new Biltwell Helmets/Grips/Risers/Seat hinges/T-shirts and more in stock now, check our webshop with lastest additions. Need to change the frontaxle from a 19mm to a 5/8" or change the wheel bearings from 5/8" to 19mm, make some spacers and fix the brake plate and the bike is "safe" again, well at least "Safer". The rear fender is going to be fixed with front caps of a Tioga bicycle stem and is pretty original, at least I never saw this setup before.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Royal Jack was in the house!

Royal Jack visited the Hoodlum Society yesterday and he took the polyester Tank and XR seat of the XLH1100 home to give it a cool paint job. He is a very talented guy and I trust him all the way to make this an awesome paint job. Flat Track bikes don't need a fancy paint job but Royal Jack will make it just right.

Welding is not easy.

Today I had another "Welding Session" and I must say my skills improved 100% since General Wheels gave me a two hour course last Saturday. It's far away from perfect but I'm satisfied with the results so far. I'm even out of Argon gas so that means I practised a lot, let the Welding Games begin!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #18: Biltwell Seat Hinge

Today was a productive day: I made a holder for the Tig Torch from a BAVARIA BEER thing that I stole years ago from the local bar. Another picture of the KHE Pegs, Biltwell seat hing welded to the frame, not good enough to show the welds so I grinded it smooth to cover that up, need more practice before becoming a S&M welder. And out of the blue the Serial Frame Number showed up 67XLH2135 so now I know it is the original frame and engine! More to come tonight.