Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workshop Wednesday #16

Forkstop for the '67 Ironhead, made of an piece of a car exhaust clamp. I liked the round shape and made it fit on the '86 Sportster fork clamps. You can also see some 24 carat plated nuts and a polished brass nut. That will be my new setup in the front, and maybe do the same for the rest of all brass bolts & nuts on the bike, bling bling means ching ching and long live the King.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bigtwin February 2013: Hoodlum Sportsters.

We made it to the only Dutch Chopper magazine BIGTWIN in February 2013. Dutchmanphotos made some pictures in September 2011 and now it made it to the printed magazine. Bikes are changed a lot but story is pretty cool, hope you like it, thanks to Maurice and Mcgoo.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Workshop Wednesday #15: Snow!

No Workshop Wednesday today, snow, cold and waiting for parts made me think: Let the Buell go!
Bought this awesome bike in 2003 with 5k on the clock and after 10 years this bike only did 10.363km.
500km a year is stupid so if you want to own the last real Buell you better contact me. Limited Edition BUELL X1 Lightning (5-2001) 1200cc 88+hp, Race module, Vance & Hince exhaust, Universal MX bars. Carbon fibre rearfender, alu seatpan and rest is stock. New rear tire, fresh oil, good H-D battery with 12V outlet etc etc. Not cheap but you can't find a better one. Asking Euro 7950,00.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


What the F**K?! Can't say the engineers from Harley-Davidson made hi-tech forks in the past and even nowadays. Simplicity is golden but I like good working forks like motocross forks a lot more, lots of travell and fully adjustable. H-D Sportster forks are not adjustible in any way, only thing you can change is the amount/thickness of the fork oil and different springs. Cleaned everything and put some new seals/o-rings/copper rings in the fork, all from 1 set of an aftermarket brand named James Seals. Official H-D dealer said I needed 180cc Type E fork oil but it seems that it will be at least 350cc so I had to buy another can of Type E oil. I will use Heavy Duty fork oil next but this will do the job for now. Waiting on chrome sealcovers to make it bling and for some extra bling: 24 carat gold plated 43 BMX Bolts. Brown tube in second picture is a Flybikes BMX frame downtube to use as a slidehammer to get the seals in place.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Workshop Wednesday #14: Polish.

Polishing must be left over by the guys who named is: The POLISH. But its wintertime so they moved out of the country so I had to do it myself this time. Used a sinkstop to keep all the debris out so I don't have to clean it again, smart thinking starts early in 2013. The legs cleaned up very nice and both are ready now for some new seals,washers,bolts and oil. H-D forks are simple to maintain, even I can do it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Boyd's last session with #5

Our son Boyd is turning 6 in two weeks so we had a last session with #5 yesterday. Number six will be next and we have to rebuild the bike cause its too small now. Adjusting the rearshock and making a new MX seat will do the job for another year. Oset electric bike is still running like a champ and so is Boyd, he loves it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bye Bye Japan...



I'm not into Japanese stuff so here the BEFORE and AFTER of the H-D Sportster Showa forks. Got rid of the Japanese Honda Triple Trees and now my fork is "NOT MADE IN JAPAN" anymore hahaha

Workshop Wednesday #13

Happy Newyear! Handlebars mounted on the H-D triple trees, these are Biltwell H-bars and I like the small look and no use of risers at all. Don't know how it will look with the front fork and wheel in it but I hope it will work.