Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #2

Lowbrow mirror monted on the '67 Ironhead. I always had my mirrors underneath the handlebars but this time I tried to put it in a position you can actually can see something in them. Handlebars are ridiculus small so I put it on the outside and I must say: it works!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #1


First WW was a good one, I had this ugly clear hose as a breather running around the Mikuni carb and wanted to change that. Bought this Breather kit for the Buell X1 but didn't use it after all so I mounted the kit on the Hoodlum Society C-bike. I like the racing look but the filter is going to change color to Orange, silver or black. No testride yet but it won't be a problem I guess...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Workshop Wednesday Edition 2013-2014

Tools are ready for the Workshop Wednesday Edition 2013-2014. New Tools are always nice to make your inspirations true, you can't have enough. Its getting colder everyday now so we will make some modifications on all Hoodlum Society bikes in the next 20 or so Workshop Wednesdays.

XL900   1967: - Horn, Oil lines, Oilfilter, Oil, Oiltank, Forks and maybe a Engine overhaul.
XL1000 1972: - Frontbrake lever, Frontbrake line, Oil, Chrome Oiltank, Oil Lines
XL1100 1986: - Horn, Balance front tire, Headlight switch
SX125   1974: - For sale Euro 1995,00
Buell     2001: - For sale Euro 4995,00

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sissy on the '72

This is the final setup, I will use this for as long as I like it, not perfect but good enough for now.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eindhoven de Gekste.

Did a testride with the '67 Ironhead, although this is my worst bike it was running very well today, took some pictures a the grafitti wall at Skatepark Area51 in Eindhoven de Gekste.

I'm a Sissy at the Bar.

I always wondered why those chopper dudes use 1/2" rods to make fender struts or my weak stuts died and I'm trying to make a new sissybar/fenderstruts of a 10mm Gamma bar for Euro 7,00 or so. First attempt is round above the taillight, Second attempt later with a square top following the taillight. Lets see whats nicer.

VANS / HARO Master BMX Bike

Long time no updates, I was so busy that I even didn't have time to check my new bike out:
VANS/HARO Master that I got for my birthday from my brother, YES I'M STOKED!