Thursday, December 30, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #9 :Tire plans for XLH900

Another cold Wednesday so I only did some planning: Tire on the right: Champion Deluxe is replacing the left tire for the XLH900. Fronttire still open cause I don't know if I go for a 19" or 21" front wheel but the tire will be a AVON Speedmaster. Not original choice but better safe than sorry. Try to do this by myself this week so I think it will keep me warm for a couple of hours.....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #8 : Shaved lower triple clamps for XLH900

10 Inches of snow isn't the best option to work all day in a non heated workshop but I managed to do some things: Shaved the lower triple clamp of the XLH900 and my powder coater picked up the clamp/rims/hubs
/and some BMX stuff so I will have a fresh start in 2011 with new shiny parts!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #7 : Grindmachine and Headset Cups

Today my new Grindmachine arrived from HBM, awesome machine and super service. Need a smoother band but first try to figure out how to use this one. From now on I can't stop it with my bare hands hahaha.
Headset cups for the XLH900 are installed and glued in with some green Lock Tide and pressed in with a tool I made in 2 minutes. A new Timing Plug was installed cause the clear plug was leaking oil, hope this new steel plug will stop killing the environment....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #6: CB500 Triple Clamps

Workshop Wednesday #6 was a cold one so I only did some stuff in the morning. These Honda CB500 triple clamps were on my XLH900 but they didn't work at all with the HD headset so I totally rebuild the upper plate to make it work with the Timken Style Sealed Bearing headset so I never will have problems again with a loose headset. Shaved the upper Aluminium plate and will shave the lower Steel plate later when I know if everything fits. These are a little bit wider than the HD Sportster bridges but same 35mm diameter. Sandblasted them to check for cracks but will be powdercoated after the test rides in 2011, too cold now hahahahaha.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #5: XLH900 Seat P(L)AN's

Seat P(L)AN's for the '67 Ironhead: Bought the bike with a nice fake Bates style seat in white but it hits the frame and the springs are too light for my FAT ass so the only thing I did on a cold Wednesday is thinking about the shape of my new seat. Biltwell original seat with Biltwell seat hinge will fit perfect but I think I take a Biltwell DIY seat pan and shape it a little for perfect fit and ship it to Duane Ballard and let him go nuts on a leather seat.