Tuesday, June 14, 2011


15 Years ago I bought this 1972 Econoline E100 VAN and travelled all over Europe and now it's time to let it go. Too much toys and no time so you can own this awesome VAN and start having fun. Lots of pictures to email and show you the in-s and out-s. These pictures are taken this morning so no "archive pictures", here some info:

- FORD ECONOLINE E100 1972 Camper (Oldtimer so no tax in Holland)
- LPG 116ltr Prins installation (doesn't run on regular gas cause there is a hole in the gastank)
- V8 302 Engine (new valves (LPG) / Head done at 100.000 miles) now 120.000 miles
- Automatic transmission totally rebuilt at 90.000 miles
- APK Oktober 2012 (every two years in Holland)
- New front shocks, Brake master cylinder, stereo
- Inside: 2 new Sport seats with new belts, alu diamond plate floor etc.

More info for tire kickers, time wasters:
No this is NOT a new VAN, its from 1972 so no power steering, power brakes, this is for real men! No the paintjob is NOT 100%, little spots of chipped paint, some rust on the lower doors/hood/roof, yes it was perfect 10 years ago but now you have to do some work. No its not Euro 1000,-, thats the price of a shitty Ford Escort: the car that you are looking for and suits you.

Price Euro 8950,00
email: biltwell@upcmail.nl