Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dunlop K180 Tires for the XLH1100

Mounted the Dunlop K180 Dirttrack tires today, piece of cake! In front a 110/90 19" and rear a 130/80 18"
hope it will fit the XLH1100 in the rear. Next week is XLH1100 week: Front # plate, Front lights, Electrics, Rear # plates, Tankmounts etc etc.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #13: Kickstarter, Polished Risers, Seat Hinge

Today we took it easy, its #13 so it is not wise to do difficult stuff. Installed a new Kickstarter arm, a thicker one with less play on the axle, not that I'm going to break my ankle on kicking the 900 but you never know. The weld on seat hings are going to disappear and make room for a nice BILTWELL Stainless polished Seat hing, seatpan is in the mail to Duane Ballard Ca. for some nice leatherwork. Risers are polished but handlebars are too high for the clutchcable so I need a longer one, I'm not going to use a lower bar so I stick to the Biltwell Frisco bars and make it harder for myself. Save #13!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #12: WHEELS, WHEELS and more WHEELS!

HAAN WHEELS did a great job! Can't descripe how happy I am with these wheels, they are AWESOME!
Fast delivery by HAAN and the quality is superb, that's why a lot of Motocross top teams are riding with their wheels, you can't beat HAAN WHEELS. Last picture is a AMF cast wheel. I tried to strip the paint with paintremover and it turned out to this nice wood/rust finish so I will keep it this way and put it in the XL1000 for a while. Sometimes you have a lucky day, Today its mine. I'm Stoked!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #11 : XLH900 Forks/Tire/Seat

Believe it or not: it took me 15 minutes to install the Firestone deluxe in the rear! My secret: WD40. Forks are installed, CB500 triple trees, XL1100 1986 fork legs, Biltwell Frisco 1" CP bars, brass nuts all over. I polished and cleaned the drumbrake in the rear and need to make a new rod cause this one is getting stucked between the disc and frame. New heavy duty springs to keep my heavy ass off the fender. So the bike is rolling again, next up= brakerod/frontwheel/ship seat to Duane Ballard/install tank/weld Biltwell seat hanger/repair forks/mount rear fender/fix new KHE pegs/make sissybar so enough to do next week. Tomorrow is an exciting day: my XL1100 Flattrack wheels are going to be made by HAAN WHEELS!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Torker Freestylist 1984

Finally finished this project: TORKER FREESTYLIST 1984 with original forks (only 6 known in the world) and stickers. I used to own one in '85 and after 25 years I have one in my collection again, a "bit" more expensive but hobbies costs money right?! Next up is a 1980 S&S Works Replica BMX race bike.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #10 :Mercedes Exhaust and XL1100 wheels

Wheels came back from the Powdercoater! Awesome high gloss Black, ready to go to HAAN WHEELS so they can build them with Stainless spokes. I'm very stoked with how these came out!
My Mercedes 230E 1981 is falling apart, signal light came out of the fender today, flat tire last week and yesterday I lost the last part of the exhaust pipe in front of the workshop. Luckily today is Wednesday so I had something to do in the Workshop hahaha. I took a Biltwell Exhaust kit and welded a piece of pipe in the muffler and will bolt it on the rest of the exhaust tomorrow. First real project with the TIG welder and I'm very pleased with the result, Michael v/d Lee doesn't like my welding skills but it will do the job.