Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GP Maisplak Motocross Race #3 2011: VOLKEL

Last GP Maisplak was a Blast! Never rode this one in Volkel but it was the best in the serie. Next to the Dutch F16 base was a nice track with some good jumps, I'm stoked I found this picture on the net. Finding results will be another problem, the MON sucked again...Bike & Clothes are ready for 2012 and so am I.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Workshop Wednesday Winter 2011 #4: 1972 Guilder detail

No I don't want the Dutch Guilder back but I will always remember how cheap everything was. I saved this 1972 Guilder for the '72 Ironhead and now I found a way to display it. At least this bike is worth 1 Guilder now hahaha. BMX Seatclamp is holding the coin with a piece of a BMX frame's seatposttube onto the fork bolt, no science but I like it this way.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

General Wheels Toolbox Sticker supporter

General Wheels is not only making quality Hot Rods but their stickers are awesome as well, thanks Michael for the hook up, hope my welding skill are getting better now. Check them at

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Twin Air filters are the best in the world of Motocross so why not try it on the XL1100 Flat Tracker. My friends at Twin Air (Veghel, The Netherlands) hooked me up with this ATV filter with spring and special "Grand Prix" cover to keep all the dirt/grit/mud/rain/snow out of the new Mikuni. Twin Air was always my choice of filter for Motocross and now I'm stoked to have it on my Harley-Davidson. Test rides soon.
Thanks Twin Air for the hookup, see you guys at the gate this Sunday for the 4th GP Maisplakcross.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workshop Wednesday is Back! Winter 2011 #3: MIKUNI HS42 on XL1100

Mikuni HS42 Time!
The XL1100 needed a new carb for years but I couldn't decide what to do with the airfilter. After it turned out to be a Flat Tracker I wanted two airfilters like the XR750 but that didn't work out, they hit my legs, even with one filter so we came up with this "forward" set up with a real Dirt Track K&N Filter. "Kees the Tuner" made an alu adaptor to fit the Mikuni HS42 and K&N filter and made it so we can adjust the angle of the filter if we want to. (probably not cause I like it this way). With a MX single throttle cable I must learn to ride the bike again, its very responsive and fast but that's the whole meaning of a Race bike isn't it?!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Workshop Wednesday is Back! Winter 2011 #2

Bubble Visor Fairing by HOODLUM SOCIETY:

This idea was in my head for a while and today it became reality. Those Bubble visors stink like hell so this is a way better use and I think it looks Ultra Cool. Made a bracket, welded some smaller brackets on top, found some nice hidden bolts at the Praxis and ready is Kees. Makes the bike faster/cooler/more aerodynamic and costs only 25 bucks total, thats the cheapest tuning I ever did! Like it or not....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maisplak GP Boekel 2011

No holeshot but rode a descent race in Boekel. The track in Boekel was never better than this Sunday, no mud, nice jumps and no rain so I had a good time on the KTM #26. Didn't finish last, I was even in the middle of the pack this time so my MX career goes on another year, mayby Race #3 in two weeks, only rain can stop that.
Foto by Digiwilly I think.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workshop Wednesday is Back! Winter 2011 #1: MX Bike Rack

Sold the FORD Econoline Van and needed to find a solution to transport the KTM so I checked for trailers but I hate them so I bought this nice Bike Rack from Dave Cooper in the UK. I made some modifications and today I installed a new Hitch from Peter's Garage from Germany and now it is PERFECT! I'm stoked and can load my MX in a few minutes so no more excuses to ride that Modderfokker!

Monday, November 7, 2011

GP Maisplak Motocross Race #1 2011

First race this year, after two hours of training in 2011 I was ready...not. First moto was not very good, I even had to fight back from last place but overtook at least one rider so my carreer didn't end here. B-Final was way better, second guy out of the gate, about 7th through the first turn and finishe around 20th place and had a good time on my KTM SX144. Next week is Boekel, ready for a holeshot....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Biltwell Exhaust kit.

Started with the exhaust of Avy's bike and thought it would be ready in a few hours: WRONG!
I really thought it is a piece of cake to make an exhaust but now it will be a "winterproject" hahaha. The Biltwell pipe kit is very nice and should be enough to make the two pipes but with cutting pipes out of the blue without a plan I might need two kits. I will use the mufflers of the 1986 XL1100, top one will be for the front cylinder and lower for the back cylinder, don't have a plan yet but I have 6 months to go for the next show....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Customer #0000002 : Bart from

Today was not "motorcycle day", I made a two flash holder for FATBMX's Bart de Jong. I took some old BMX parts like a piece of S&M Racebars and a Shadow Conspiracy 44T Sprocket guard. Tig welded two bolts into the 7/8" S&M pipe so it fits the original tread of the original flash stand. Bolted the sprocket guard on top so it can holt two flashes, simple but effective.