Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #31: 1983 SE Quadangle BMX bike

Never been a big fan of SE racing cause I was a TORKER guy but I can't say the SE stuff looked good, baby blue/tan/brown are not my favourite colors either but they are a perfect match, don't know if Scott Breithaupt was on illegal substance when he choose them hahaha. This 1983 SE Quadangle was laying in a chicken barn for years but after some new paint and parts it looks like a new 83 Quad.

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  1. With the DX lever and all! Awesome. I never was much of a Torker fan. Loved the Quads but never had one. Had a P.K. (actually, probably an 83 also) and even a brown and tan Bell, minus the baby blue SE wings die-cut. Matching jersey of course...