Thursday, July 7, 2011

Workshop is closed till August

Time for Holidays so we won't be back before August. Projects in the works: Brakepedal for the XLH1000, made of Webco BMX crankarms, SNAFU BMX pedal axles, HARO BMX pegs, just like the shifter on the other side. Frontend of the 72 Ironhead will be an AMF cast wheel which I sandblasted for hours, the 11 1/2 inch disc is not working so I have to solve that problem when I'm back. Also the 67 Ironhead needs some new exhausts, I took the 1986 pipes and I like it very much so far, hope they are louder than the super silence slash cut pipes right now, I can hardly HEAR if the bike is still running, of course you don't need to hear an Ironhead cause it shakes you silly. We will be back!