Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #10 :Mercedes Exhaust and XL1100 wheels

Wheels came back from the Powdercoater! Awesome high gloss Black, ready to go to HAAN WHEELS so they can build them with Stainless spokes. I'm very stoked with how these came out!
My Mercedes 230E 1981 is falling apart, signal light came out of the fender today, flat tire last week and yesterday I lost the last part of the exhaust pipe in front of the workshop. Luckily today is Wednesday so I had something to do in the Workshop hahaha. I took a Biltwell Exhaust kit and welded a piece of pipe in the muffler and will bolt it on the rest of the exhaust tomorrow. First real project with the TIG welder and I'm very pleased with the result, Michael v/d Lee doesn't like my welding skills but it will do the job.


  1. I was talking about 2010! The 2011 welds are looking alot better!! Keep up the good work..

  2. Hahahaha JokeJacket!

    Well it seems the welds are holding fine after some test rides so be careful what you say next time.

  3. He man I was wearing my funnypants and party nose

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