Thursday, January 13, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #11 : XLH900 Forks/Tire/Seat

Believe it or not: it took me 15 minutes to install the Firestone deluxe in the rear! My secret: WD40. Forks are installed, CB500 triple trees, XL1100 1986 fork legs, Biltwell Frisco 1" CP bars, brass nuts all over. I polished and cleaned the drumbrake in the rear and need to make a new rod cause this one is getting stucked between the disc and frame. New heavy duty springs to keep my heavy ass off the fender. So the bike is rolling again, next up= brakerod/frontwheel/ship seat to Duane Ballard/install tank/weld Biltwell seat hanger/repair forks/mount rear fender/fix new KHE pegs/make sissybar so enough to do next week. Tomorrow is an exciting day: my XL1100 Flattrack wheels are going to be made by HAAN WHEELS!

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