Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #13: Kickstarter, Polished Risers, Seat Hinge

Today we took it easy, its #13 so it is not wise to do difficult stuff. Installed a new Kickstarter arm, a thicker one with less play on the axle, not that I'm going to break my ankle on kicking the 900 but you never know. The weld on seat hings are going to disappear and make room for a nice BILTWELL Stainless polished Seat hing, seatpan is in the mail to Duane Ballard Ca. for some nice leatherwork. Risers are polished but handlebars are too high for the clutchcable so I need a longer one, I'm not going to use a lower bar so I stick to the Biltwell Frisco bars and make it harder for myself. Save #13!

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