Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #21

Last week should have been the last week for the BUELL X1 but the "Tirekicker" didn't show up and I'm sick of all the "I have to sell my bike first", "I have to ask my mother", I have to wait for my wages"etc type of guys so THE BUELL X1 WILL STAY! NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE! ONLY FOR EURO 10.125,00 CASH AND FOR DUTCH PEOPLE ONLY! NO EXCUSES, NO DISCOUNT!

Okay, hope that's clear.... Now I make it a "long distance" bike to do some trips in 2014. It will be hard to find time to do it but at least I will give it another try. I made a bracket for the saddle bags a while ago and now I had a genius idea to use the old pegholders to keep my saddlebags from moving. I think it will be the nicest way to keep the bags straight, 100% original Buell and I will make them removable for short trips.

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