Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #20

Today was a weird day, first ride of 2014 and maybe the last on the Buell X1. It seems that the bike will go to Germany soon. I thought that before with the SX125 but didn't happen so we will wait and see. The sun was out and the Buell is like new, rode 6000km in 10 years so I won't miss it very much.
The Oiltank project is taking longer than I thought, the paint is not coming off easy and the whole tank is covered with a thick layer of bondo so its even hard to get it off with the sandblaster. Paint will be stripped by the flame torch and later we sandblast it to bare metal before welding. The kick start spring will be polished today for a clean look. Good day but weird.

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