Sunday, December 11, 2011

XL1100 Test ride December 11th 2011: Cold but entertaining.

The sun was out for 10 minutes today so I took the bike out for some pictures for the TWIN AIR website. TWIN AIR made a nice "gas spiller" ring like they used in the early Motocross days and a new "GP" cover for my filter, this prototype fits perfect and now its time for some testwork in the cold. It was almost freezing and the bike didn't start that well but after adjusting the idle of the Mikuni it was a blast to ride the bike with the new Airfilter and new piggy bag shocks. It's super fast now and takes some time to get used to it but the weather is ready for long test rides. Thanks again to the Twin Air guys and Mechanic Kees for an awesome job.

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