Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Workshop Wednesday Winter 2011 #6: Exhaust for the '67 Ironhead

Almost ready with the Biltwell Exhaust kit, I'm still waiting for some Ironhead flanges so the mufflers are only for display at the moment. Upswept mufflers, high front pipe, 2nd cylinder on lowest muffler, can't wait to hear the sound. Pipe will be hot around the leg and carburator but I will figure something out: I"M NOT USING EXHAUST TAPE, I'm proud on my bad welds and have nothing to hide like most "tapers". It was not an easy job but in the end it was faster than I expected. Next up: Gastank, Brakelight, Electrics.


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  2. Hey Mahesh,

    Thanks for checking the Hoodlum blog, I do my best to keep it reel.