Friday, August 26, 2011

Today it was "Front brake day" for the '72. I bought an AMF cast wheel and sandblasted the bastard for hours and after putting it into the forks it turned out to be crooked so I wasted money and time, Naice! So back to the '86 frontwheel with a tire from the '67 with brake controls of the '72, do you still get it? I don't like to mix all kinds of stuff but with lack of money its the only thing to do and its fun to make it work even if it takes way longer. Cleaned the frontwheel/disc/brakecaliper/bolts so it looks like new even if the stuff is 25 years old. Lots of trouble with the brake line but it worked out in the end, no testride yet but will do soon. New Universal Motocross bars (de-anodised and pearlblasted) and grinded the brake lever so it fits the MX throttle.

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