Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today we had our first customer at the Hoodlum Society Workshop Wednesday shop: Andy Z from Germany. He bought a nice Harley-Davidson but it needed some small changes like a powder coat on the Tank dash/Horn cover/Chainguard/primary cover disc and this ugly sissybar. I cut the sissy bar cause we need the two rods as spacers (they were Euro 180,00! at the HD Dealer) so now Andy has the two for Euro 162,00. He saves 10%! hahhaa just kidding, I will keep the rest of the sissybar for my chopper and we are even. Thanks Andy for trusting us to do some work on your bike, Customer #00000001. New disc grinder I got from my lovely wife as present for my upcoming birthday Satuaday, it worked awesome, thanks again.

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