Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #23: Flat Tracker is ready for a testride!

The XLH1100 Flat Tracker was treated with some "finishing touches": Heat shield underneath the polyester tank, Fork Bleeders, Homemade tankmount from a door hinge, Gas cap vent, Valve caps, Fuel lines, ODI grips with Alu BMX Barends and rear #plates. Tomorrow I'm going for a testride, the LIBERATOR Show this Saturday is only half mile from my workshop but its still far to push the bike and very embarassing of course. I'm very happy I made it this far, thanks to Royal Jack for the excellent paintjob, Haan Wheels, TMV, JH MX and the Hoodlum Society.

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  1. Testride on Thursday April 7th:

    First a lot of Gas was pooring out of the carburator but that was just the overflow.
    Then it wouldn't crank up.....uh.....and found out very quickly that I didn't wire the ignition coil the right way and after that it was no problem. Front brake is not working cause its new but it will be soon. The Tank is holding 6 litres (about 1.5 gallons) so more than expected, I can go about 60 miles from home without a tank stop! More small stuff to do but it will be at the Liberator show this weekend! Fuck you Mr. Deadline!