Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #22: Flat tracker electrics done.

Electrics on Harley's are not that complicated but you can make a mistake in no time and looking for weeks to solve it so I took it easy and did it step for step and it seems it all works now except for the Kill switch but I have to figure out how that works tonight. I was looking for a nice way to hide the headlights and after watching hundreds of "Flattracker/dirttracker/streettracker" pictures I never saw a good sollution, better said: THEY ALL SUCKED! I hate lights in the numberplate so I came up with this Motocross Enduro lights under the numberplate, I can even adjust them and the high/low switch is hidden behind the ignition key. The Choke and ignition key got company from a green LED to show if ignition is on and the small starter button so I still have no cables on the handlebars like a real Flattracker should be, plain and simple. Royal Jack shipped the paintjob today so next week I'm ready for a testride. Nine days before deadline is not bad at all.

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  1. Ziet er goed uit mannen, mooie oplossingen om uit te komen bij wat je wilt. Geen fusz op het stuur, dus geen fusz en iets anders zoeken. Je kopke laten werken en dan de handjes, wat ik zie kan ik maken !!!!
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