Thursday, April 21, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #25: Speedometers!

I know, I know: Speedometers are killing the style on every bike. But living in the Netherlands you have to check your speed with over 10.000 control points so it saves some money and it keeps your drivinglicense in your pocket. I'm also the "King out of Gas" and these bike speedometers have a "TRIP" option so I can check the miles/kilometers I rode with one tank. Not that I'm going to use that but now its even more stupid to run out of gas. I made one on the XLH1100 Flat Tracker with a cable that routes along the brakecable and it works great. The one on the XL1000 is a wireless one and it seems that all that moving steel/aluminum is blocking the sensor so I can't read it while riding but the trip/maximum speed/time is working fine. The best part is my magnet solution, I made a valvecap with a magnet and it works awesome. Maybe that's my invention that will bring in the millions, don't tell it to your friends, copyrights/patents in the works....

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