Thursday, December 2, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #5: XLH900 Seat P(L)AN's

Seat P(L)AN's for the '67 Ironhead: Bought the bike with a nice fake Bates style seat in white but it hits the frame and the springs are too light for my FAT ass so the only thing I did on a cold Wednesday is thinking about the shape of my new seat. Biltwell original seat with Biltwell seat hinge will fit perfect but I think I take a Biltwell DIY seat pan and shape it a little for perfect fit and ship it to Duane Ballard and let him go nuts on a leather seat.


  1. Hey Paul, if you're not using the gas tank please let me know, still love that tank dude!!!

  2. I like that tank too Nito! You know I will call you first when I decide to change it. You are my only Blog Follower so I guess no one is seeing the tank anyway hahahaha.