Thursday, November 25, 2010

Workshop Wednesday #4: XLH1100 Wheels and XLH900 Fork stuff

The XLH900 Ironhead was having lots of troubles with the ballbearing headset so I ordered some parts to make it a "timken" style headset with way better bearings and stainless cups. Had to modify the dust cap and need to order a new upper bearing and cup to make it perfect, this baby will steer like a Modderfokker!

The XLH1100 Dirttrack wheels are ready for some Powdercoat. FRONTWHEEL: Fronthub will be a SX125 2005 KTM Motocross 36s hub and a Excel Motocross 19" rear rim. REARWHEEL: Harley-Davidson Hub 40 spokes with 18" New aftermarket rim. All will be high gloss black powdercoat and made
with Stainless spokes by HAAN WHEELS Schijndel, the best motorcycle wheelbuilder in the World.

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