Friday, March 25, 2016

Modifications for the Dirt Tracker

Harley-Davidson Sportsters are not really made for Dirttracks/Hillclimbs/Speedway races but they have the name "Sport" in them so why not give it a try. My bike is far from an original XLH1100 1986 H-D Sportster with a KTMSX125 Motocross front end, Dunlop K180 Flattrack tires, XR Seat, Flattrack polyester tank etc etc but I didn't think of some problems: 1: The Biltwell Mushman pegs were going up and down so sometimes I missed a peg to stand on. Solution 1: Attached a spring to the peg so I have the same set up as on a MX bike. 2: The original key is sticking out on the side and I broke it in Italy (and my mate Elroy at the choppperspeedway) Solution 2: I made a key that is flat on the side and it is easier to carry in your pocket. The bike is clean again, made it road "legal" again.

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