Thursday, September 10, 2015

1972 Start problems solved!

Problems solved: It took a while to find "all" the problems but in the end it works fine now so I don't have to kick the bike anymore and just hit the button like an Internet Outlaw. Replaced the starter with the one from the '67 Ironhead, new Selenoid cause I cooked the other one, new selenoid rubber (new type) that will work way better. I made a spacer for the selenoid cause it was never gonna fit the starter housing, I really thought I "invented" something and made a bracket out of a Brembo brakebracket but when fitting the selenoid I found the "original H-D bracket" on the engine hahaha, so no patent pending... Replaced the wire by a shorter one and double insulated to be stronger. Bend the fork and bracket in the housing so they line up better and its all working now. Just hit the button and off we go.

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