Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #12 Twin Air Filters

Its always nice to have friends in the right places. Twin Air is hooking us up for the last 15 years in Motocross and now they made special filters for the Hoodlum Street/Flat Tracker. We tested the airfilter this year and it was awesome, with the special GP cover you can ride in dirt/rain/snow and don't have troubles at all. Try to do that with your "paper" air filter, it won't work. Twin Air also made a breather filter with special GP cover, its a prototype so we let you know later if it works, well we know its gonna work, don't worry, Twin Air know their stuff in the Air Filter world. Simply the best and made here in The Netherlands only 8 miles from our shop. Thanks Pieter and Leo @Twinair.

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