Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Workshop Wednesday E13-14 #8

Horn on a Flattracker sounds stupid, and it is. But sometimes its very handy so I was thinking for months how to make it happen and now it is ready. The horn is behind the numberplate and the pushbutton is between the tank, mounted on the toptube. It works, looks clean, nobody know what it is and they all got scared when they push it hahaha. Made of a piece of S&M Slambars and a piece of BMX Forks so total price was Euro 4,50 for the button. Did a testride today: I feel more stupid...yes the front wheel balancing worked so well, no more shaking even when going 85 mls/hour.Problems solved. Did 500 km's so BaMo Tech put some new oil/oilfilter on the machine and its ready to go....well after Winter.

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