Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Workshop Wednesday Edition 2013-2014

Tools are ready for the Workshop Wednesday Edition 2013-2014. New Tools are always nice to make your inspirations true, you can't have enough. Its getting colder everyday now so we will make some modifications on all Hoodlum Society bikes in the next 20 or so Workshop Wednesdays.

XL900   1967: - Horn, Oil lines, Oilfilter, Oil, Oiltank, Forks and maybe a Engine overhaul.
XL1000 1972: - Frontbrake lever, Frontbrake line, Oil, Chrome Oiltank, Oil Lines
XL1100 1986: - Horn, Balance front tire, Headlight switch
SX125   1974: - For sale Euro 1995,00
Buell     2001: - For sale Euro 4995,00

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