Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Workshop Wednesday #18

                      Old Situation, short frame and deep seat
                     New Situation, Long frame made of old fLybikes BMX rearend
                     Motocross Technosel seat cover will be installed soon
           Old Situation, its a Trial bike so very deep seat, will be filled with foam.
                    Bought an NOS old school MX buddy seat and started cutting for the right shape.

I know it sounds stupid to buy a motocross/trial bike for your 3 year old son but we already had a lot of fun with this 16 inch OSET 36V electric bike but with Boyd being 6 now it is time to make it a bit bigger so he and daddy can ride for another 3 years. I also saw an upgrade for the chain/sprockets so I will try to make that happen soon. Baseplate being made next week and ready is Kees.UPDATE: PICTURE 1 WITH READY SEAT!

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