Thursday, January 10, 2013


What the F**K?! Can't say the engineers from Harley-Davidson made hi-tech forks in the past and even nowadays. Simplicity is golden but I like good working forks like motocross forks a lot more, lots of travell and fully adjustable. H-D Sportster forks are not adjustible in any way, only thing you can change is the amount/thickness of the fork oil and different springs. Cleaned everything and put some new seals/o-rings/copper rings in the fork, all from 1 set of an aftermarket brand named James Seals. Official H-D dealer said I needed 180cc Type E fork oil but it seems that it will be at least 350cc so I had to buy another can of Type E oil. I will use Heavy Duty fork oil next but this will do the job for now. Waiting on chrome sealcovers to make it bling and for some extra bling: 24 carat gold plated 43 BMX Bolts. Brown tube in second picture is a Flybikes BMX frame downtube to use as a slidehammer to get the seals in place.


  1. Misschien is een springer fork iets?

  2. nee, ik ga er niet mee springen, deze blijft aan de grond.