Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Workshop Wednesday #6

Finished Skyway Tuffpedal kicker.

Skyway Tuffpedal kicker for the '67 Ironhead. I don't like the reproduction "copper" kickerpedals so I'm going to make a new one from an old Skyway BMX Tuff pedal. Probably worth more than the repro but I only had one, have two new gold Skyway cages, might use one of them or make the red cage polished silver.
                    Old original H-D peg cut of to use the end going into the kicker arm.
               Old SKYWAY BMX Tuffpedal, axle tread cut of to weld on H-D peg.
            This is the result of an hour work, cage will be silver polished soon.
Hope it won't break, welds were terrible, but I can always use the electric starter hahaha.


  1. He Paul,
    Is da geen goud?:-)
    Mooi man zo,n wekelijkse soap, ik hou het in de gaten...

    Gr aan vrouw, kids en uzelf,

  2. Goud zijn de bergen die ze allemaal beloven.
    Jij ook de groenten thuis.