Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workshop Wednesday Winter 2011 #7: Piston tail light.

I had 3 pistons in the workshop for over 15 years and today it was time to make something out of one. Don't have a clue what piston it is but this size was exactly the same size as the bullet light I had on the '67 Ironhead so after some grinding the lens and bracket fitted perfectly, made some small treads in the piston to hold the lens and it was going very smooth...Then I had problems with the big bulb in the small inside but after a lot of grinding and testing I finally made it from an old Ford Econoline brakelight holder. Another tread to hold the tail light on a braked and fixed it to the licence plate holder. Tail and Brakelight are working and I even have a little light on the licence plate, specially for you mr. Policeman.

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