Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workshop Wednesday is Back! Winter 2011 #3: MIKUNI HS42 on XL1100

Mikuni HS42 Time!
The XL1100 needed a new carb for years but I couldn't decide what to do with the airfilter. After it turned out to be a Flat Tracker I wanted two airfilters like the XR750 but that didn't work out, they hit my legs, even with one filter so we came up with this "forward" set up with a real Dirt Track K&N Filter. "Kees the Tuner" made an alu adaptor to fit the Mikuni HS42 and K&N filter and made it so we can adjust the angle of the filter if we want to. (probably not cause I like it this way). With a MX single throttle cable I must learn to ride the bike again, its very responsive and fast but that's the whole meaning of a Race bike isn't it?!

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