Monday, September 26, 2011

Ford Econoline Custom 100 Van 1972 : SOLD!

Bought this FORD Econoline E100 1972 Van in 1996 to move all my BMX parts and travelled all over Europe (Freestyle CH Zurich/KOC and Backyard Jam UK/10+ times to the Masters Germany etc) and had a lot of Superstars in this awesome Van. (Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Colin Winkelman R.I.P., Sergio Layos, Punjab, Biz, Javier Ortega and lots more). Now after 15 years its time to let it go, a nice gentleman from Beverwijk will take care of it and keep it in good shape. Thanks my friend for the 15 awesome years!!!


  1. De rijdende jacuzzi is niet meer beschikbaar.

  2. Jacuzzi is gone, Masters hotel is gone, let's get a hotel at the Masters with Jacuzzi.

  3. Dope van. now you've got more room for choppers.