Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Workshop Wednesday #14: GIMMY A BRAKE!

 Moto-Master SuperRETARD Racing Flame Disc two tone, floating and BIG! The XLH1100 is going to make some stoppies!
 Moto-Master Adapter for Brembo KTM SX125 Frontbrake, it took a while to figure out which one I needed but the guys at TMV helped me out and it was an easy job.
UNIVERSAL MX Clutch lever made suitable for the 1986 HD Clutchcable, I was thinking for months how to do it and today I made it with only a drillmachine and sandpaper. Will be polished so it will look like the other clutch lever. Original HD Clutchcable and HD nylon pivot will be used so it will work just fine.....

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